Cash for Your Junk Car

We offer an easy way for customers to get rid of their old junk cars — and when you junk your car with us, we’ll leave you with cold hard cash.

Selling a functional vehicle these days is hard enough — so why bother with a classified ad when we can guarantee your junk car for cash? We know how it is: perhaps you’ve given up on a longtime project car, or maybe you’re under orders to get rid of it. Or maybe your trusty car or truck has a mechanical problem that is too costly or complicated to fix.

When repairing your old car becomes more expensive than the vehicle’s value, then selling your car to a junk car provider makes sense. When you do business with us, we’ll pay for the towing, and we’ll pay you to take your junk car off your hands. It doesn’t matter if your old vehicle doesn’t work anymore — we’ll take it! It works like this:

You have a junk car, running or not, that you want to get rid. Your wife, the neighbors or the city wants it gone. You call The Cash For Junk Cars Ocala Fl people, tell us what you have and where you are. Get one of our fair offers to buy that junk car. If you accept (and why wouldn’t you?) we come and get it.

Do You want to donate that junk car? We can do that too! Just let us know where you want the money sent. We work with dozens of local charities. We send them the money, they send you the receipt for the money and you take it off on your taxes.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients the best deals for their old vehicles. We give cash for scrap cars all the time, and we deliver our services with minimal amounts of hassle and paperwork. In addition to giving cash for junk cars, we can also handle junk vehicle transactions over the phone, crediting your bank account or credit card with the cash earned when you sell us your junk car. Once we take possession of old cars, we may dismantle them for scrap, or make enough repairs sell the vehicle to a used car dealer. It’s a win-win scenario when you junk your car for cash. Come on down to Cash For Junk Cars Ocala Fl if you have an old or inoperable vehicle that you need to be gone and off of your hands. We make the process fast and easy, and you’ll walk away with cash in your pocket. Skip the hassle of trying to sell a junked car and see how we can help you out.