5 Easy Steps to Choosing Your New Car

Many people enjoy purchasing brand new cars as it gives them peace of mind that they will be the first owner in addition to having free choice of which vehicle they would like. However, buying a new car is a serious financial investment and therefore make sure you follow these simple steps to finding the right vehicle:

Work out your budget

Prices for new cars vary considerably so make sure you are clear about how much money you have to spend. Decide where the money will come from whether it is cash, trade-in or a loan. Car dealers will bend over backwards to offer you finance agreements but check whether you can find more competitive terms elsewhere. If you have a car to trade-in it can be difficult to estimate how much you are likely to be offered so consult an online car price estimator such as junk cars Miami for a rough valuation. If you plan on changing your new car within a couple of years, find out how quickly it will depreciate as this will affect your future trade-in price.

Calculate ongoing costs

You may find it useful to research the running costs for your preferred vehicle as these can add up in the long-term. Factors to consider include engine size (remembering that larger engines love to drink), road tax and insurance. Your insurance company will be able to provide figures for the cost of insuring a new vehicle (and don’t forget that some insurers will happily whack you with a fee simply for changing the details on your policy).

Choose your car

With a myriad of vehicle makes, models, styles and specifications available,choosing a new car can be a confusing business. If you have a preferred make or model already, this makes life a little simpler. If not, you will need to consider a number of factors:- What makes will you definitely consider/not consider?- Which body type (saloon, hatchback, MPV, coupe) do you like and need?- How many passengers will be carried on a regular or occasional basis? Try to think about all likely scenarios. For example if you need space for three children will the luggage space be sufficient if you opt for a small hatchback?

Do your research

Before visiting a dealer make extensive searches online to find out which cars are available that meet your specifications. Car dealers often operate in networks so they have access to more vehicles than are parked on their showroom forecourts.Ask your dealer for a test-drive of as many vehicles as you need to be able to make an informed decision. Load the family into the car or luggage into the boot to obtain a realistic feel for how well the car performs.


Most car salesman can be persuaded to be flexible with the advertised price so be prepared to haggle for a discount or an added extra (such as a tank of fuel). You will learn that being able to look unconvinced while making neutral noises is an art form and will convey to the salesman that you really aren’t sure about the price on offer (even though secretly you know full well that the car outside is the only one you want).